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creative team

creative team

Published on May 16, 2020

Our Partnership

Sometimes the ideas are simple, but it takes someone to not only spot the gap, but to have the energy and drive to do something about it. This is how our partnership with Shinesmith started. During our meetings with the community we discovered that we need to design programmes that help to unlock people’s potential by providing greater focus and improving overall performance in all areas of work and life.

In Shinesmith we found the perfect partner to integrate a number of programmes in our events both online and face to face and make tailored made training and education accessible to professionals in our industry.

The Shinesmith team delivers world-class services and products to the International exhibition and events industry, driving growth, sales revenue and digital innovation for the last 25 years. Founder Claire Washington-Smith had an idea while working in an exhibition sales lounge. Called “amplified sales”, it enabled teams to deliver exceptional sales results consistently. With Founder Donna Shaw, the two built the company.

Our Academy

Especially for our community, Shinesmith’s Academy Director, George Stylianou developed a number of programmes that will be of benefit to our members of inspiring women in exhibitions. Our methods focus on the use of techniques which enable professionals to maximise the benefits of rational thinking and can be easily learned and applied in a short space of time. Our overall objective is to empower every individual to realise the value they bring to their current and any future role. We brought this together under Our Academy.

Our Programs

  • Leadership Training Programme – These 2 sessions have been designed with the specific purpose of getting us to become more aware of how we affect everyone around us. It introduces topics such as: the four keys to unlock professional success, understanding that we grow most during the toughest times, relationship tension is caused by differences in expectations. The program where we delve deeper to address: how can we adapt to deal with change, how your perception is your reality, understanding that all stress relates directly to threat and how our own personal set of rules can limit us.
  • Layered Development Programme – Designed as a programme of ‘interconnected’ six sessions that lay and build on a foundation of principles, designed to support, enhance and develop your approach in relation to series of themes, including: Servant Leadership, Influencing, Communication, Delegation, Managing Time and Solving Problems.
  • Thinkshop Series Programme – When planning to take the next step in relation to career development and mindset change, we often hear about a desire to develop in the following areas; influencing and negotiating, self-branding, managing conflict, managing change and managing stress. Presented as a programme of five active webinars, our community can enroll already as of June 19th and commit to follow a new episode of the series of five themes.

As a result of Covid 19, our programmes will be given (for now) online but we look forward to integrate them in our live worldwide networking events soon.

We want to express our enormous appreciation for the hard work both George and Claire put into designing these programmes for our community unconditionally and inspire us to realise that everyone has an ‘ edge’, and we can help them find it. The Shinesmith team is a leading light in business circles and their counsel is delivered with their trademark enthusiasm. Looking forward to our cooperation.


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