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Join our team of inspiring women as we are sure, you too, are an inspiring person.

Who can become a member?

Women in Exhibitions Network members shall be all those involved in the exhibition industry whose business is related to the organisation and facilitation of exhibitions or trade fairs both B2C and B2B. Women in Exhibitions Network allows those members who are eager to meet, learn, inspire and strengthen each other. The organisation has been set up with the vision of empowering women in the exhibition industry whilst helping to nurture the next generation of female leaders. Women in Exhibitions Network was launched in 2018 with the aim of supporting the continued professional development of women working in exhibitions and providing opportunities for them to meet and network.

Members benefits

  • Access to our Academy Programmes
  • Networking Opportunities through regularly organised events
  • Access to Career Development Opportunities
  • Sharing of Knowledge & Best Practice with industry peers
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Live Events in Beautiful Cities

Member Objectives

For our members:

For our industry:

  • To grow a professional network
  • To invest in personal development
  • To gather knowledge from industry peers
  • To get inspired
  • To raise personal profiles within the exhibition industry through the network
  • To nurture future women leaders
  • To share knowledge and best practice with industry peers
  • To become a role model for junior members of the industry
  • To promote the exhibition industry to a wider audience

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Yearly Membership

Suited for members representing:

  • Exhibition organizers who have more than 2.000 sqm of combined shows space
  • Exhibitions organizers that own a venue
  • Suppliers to the event industry

1200 € / Year

Discounted Yearly Membership

Suited for members representing:

  • Exhibition organisers who have less than 2.000 sqm of combined shows space
  • Associations related to the exhibition industry

900 € / Year


There are multiple packages available for members who want to sponsor. Please contact us for further information by email.