RFP for IT Consultant to Upgrade Our Web Map

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As the regional economic development agent that supports and drives growth and prosperity, the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC) is committed to a cohesive, comprehensive, region-wide approach to the challenges and opportunities of economic development in the Lower Columbia Region.

Capitalizing on the depth of resources available in the metals, recycling and technology sectors, the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation developed an economic development marketing strategy aimed at attracting like minded professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses to the region called “Metal Tech Alley.” This strategy included the creation of a website (http://metaltechalley.com/) which has a web map showing information about various stakeholders (companies and organizations associated with Metal Tech Alley). This map provides information about each organization such as a brief description, link to company website, contact details (phone number, email, address), and broad categorization of each organization.

Currently the functionality allows users to:
1) Pan and zoom to navigate around on the map.
2) Click on a pinned location to bring up basic details about the company.
3) Filter companies based on four categories (Fabrication, Innovation, Recycling, Supply) on the map and on the company listing panel.
4) Click on a company in the panel to display the location and company details on the map.

To view the web map click here

Project Description

The metaltechalley.com web map is designed to provide viewers with a comprehensive picture of the supporting resources and companies that are available within Metal Tech Alley. Providing all this information visually in one location provides potential investors and entrepreneurs easily accessible and searchable information on the region’s MetalTechAlley businesses and support services available. The purpose of these upgrades is to increase the amount of information available and improve the user interface of the web map so that the information is easily accessible and interpreted. This project is Phase I of a possible three phases.

Project Scope

The Metal Tech Alley committee would like to expand the functionality of application in the following ways:
1) Broaden the representation of stakeholders on the map to provide a more complete picture of the players in Metal Tech Alley.
2) Increase the ability to refine and provide more in-depth searching and/or filtering capability for the users in a simple and straight forward manner.
3) Link the map with stories (in both directions) and other content on the Metal Tech Alley website to allow users to learn more about stakeholders and provide simple ways to navigate between the map and the stories.
4) Display associations and networks between organizations on the map based on relationships between organizations or organizations that may provide compatible services or products.

For full details read the complete RFP.

Questions? Contact Terry at 250-364-6461 or tvanhorn@lcic.ca

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