Indie Area


We love Indies because we know, all creativity and different point of views that industry needs are coming forward from this independent teams.

That’s exactly why, we want to support indie game developers as Gaming Istanbul. You can show your games to the GIST visitors, arrange B2B meetings to find your future distrubitor/investor for your game by getting free indie booth that we especially created for you!


Indie game developers that qualified for being a part of Gaming Istanbul Indie Area, won’t pay any fee to their booths for 4 days. These indie game developers have to fulfill qualifications at below;

Developers present at the INDIE GAME AREA must be financially independent.

Developers present at the INDIE GAME AREA must have a yearly income of less than 50.000 TL.

Developers present at the INDIE GAME AREA can only present their own original content.

Each application of developers who wish to be present at INDIE GAME AREA, will be evaluated by a special comittee.

Electricity and Internet ready booths will be provided for participants once their applications are approved. PC, gaming consoles, monitors etc. all hardware will be provided by participants.

All participants will be responsible of their own transportation and accommodation expenses. GIST 2020 provide one Business ticket for each team. There will be a special 70% discount for INDIE GAME AREA participants on Gaming Istanbul B2B tickets. Discount code will be sent via e-mail after approval.(70% discount on B2B tickets is limited to only 2 tickets.)