Featured Projects

Target Product Profile (TPP)

Developed Target Product Profiles (TPP) for digital financial services to direct pro-poor retail payments systems globally (2019) BFA worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to research, define, and test potential for a TPP, previously used successfully in … Continue reading →

China Financial Diaries

To better understand the financial services needs of the demand side, which includes both households and smallholders/enterprises, the World Bank Group in partnership with CAFI and BFA Global are undertaking Financial Diaries research, with the ultimate goal of informing improved … Continue reading →

Gender Insights from Financial Diaries

The microfinance industry began with a focus on women’s empowerment through access to credit and discussions of financial inclusion today, through much broader-based to cover the spectrum of population segments, continue to reflect a desire to better serve women. Yet … Continue reading →

Kenya Financial Diaries

BFA Global, funded by FSD Kenya, undertook a comprehensive financial diaries study in Kenya. Over the course of one year, BFA Global designed a sample study for the low-income population segments in Kenya which included the use of research instruments, … Continue reading →

Mexico Financial Diaries

Mexico Financial Diaries set out to obtain granular, long-term, provider-side data about the financial lives of low-income Mexicans. This data was used by BANSEFI to better understand and serve this market segment. Detailed information gained from these households would impact … Continue reading →

Smallholder Financial Diaries

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) contracted BFA Global to implement the year-long Financial Diaries with Smallholder Families to elucidate the financial lives of smallholder households and build the evidence base on this important client group. The study, … Continue reading →

Refugees and Their Money: The Business Case for Providing Financial Services to Refugees (Rwanda)

BFA Global, supported by FSDA, carried out a macro- and micro- analysis to build a better understanding of the financial needs of displaced populations in Rwanda. The study had two objectives: first, to provide market intelligence to build a sound … Continue reading →

UNCDF Remittance Study in Uganda

BFA Global developed and piloted a tool to conduct a country assessment on demand, supply, and regulatory considerations for cost of and access to efficient, reliable, and cheaper regulated remittance channels that could also be used to further link remittances … Continue reading →