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  BFA Global and MetLife Foundation created OPTIX to support financial institutions in building better portfolios of products for their low-income customers. OPTIX stands for Optimizing Performance Through Improved Cross(X)-Sell. Since 2015, BFA Global has been collaborating with four financial institutions in four markets to … Continue reading →

The OPTIX Impact

Financial institutions around the world are serving a new wave of customers, and serving the previously unserved and underserved communities with financial and banking services. However, as the world around has become increasingly digital and everything is just a smartphone … Continue reading →

Kenya Financial Diaries

BFA Global, funded by FSD Kenya, undertook a comprehensive financial diaries study in Kenya. Over the course of one year, BFA Global designed a sample study for the low-income population segments in Kenya which included the use of research instruments, … Continue reading →

Mexico Financial Diaries

Mexican Financial Diaries set out to obtain granular, long-term, provider-side data about the financial lives of low-income Mexicans. This data was used by BANSEFI to better understand and serve this market segment. Detailed information gained from these households would impact … Continue reading →

Smallholder Financial Diaries

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) contracted BFA Global to implement the year-long Financial Diaries with Smallholder Families to elucidate the financial lives of smallholder households and build the evidence base on this important client group. The study, … Continue reading →

Meet Catalyst Fund’s Venture-Builders

Catalyst Fund bets on talent to deliver tailored technical assistance Entrepreneurs apply to the Catalyst Fund for the money, but they stay for venture-building support. Catalyst Fund’s tailored venture-building support puts the weight of BFA Global’s deep expertise in inclusive fintech to … Continue reading →