Our Work

BFA Global specializes in developing financial and technology innovations for social impact, primarily for low- and middle-income families and communities worldwide on behalf of clients and partners. To that end, we partner with cutting-edge financial institutions, fintech companies, and information providers whose mission and purpose align with our mission and the development objectives of our funders and partners. In order to achieve this, our multi-pronged approach seeks out, creates and implements solutions to help people manage finance-related challenges and seize sustainable opportunities for improving their lives. In creating solutions, we integrate our deep expertise with a suite of research-driven services.

From Our Portfolio


We provide an innovative mix of research, insight, and services across a broad range of topics important to our clients, using finance and technology to craft digital solutions at the frontier that empower individuals, organizations, and communities to improve lives and create a more sustainable and equitable world.


Areas of expertise

Access to Basic Services

Our work aims to improve low-income people’s access to vital social and public services BFA Global takes the impact of finance beyond financial inclusion. Combining data, technology, and financial services, our work aims to improve low-income people’s access to vital … Continue reading →

Business Innovation

BFA Global uses its proprietary analytics and tools to guide businesses on strategies to pursue in the digital era, providing evidence-based insights on top line (revenue potential, pricing and channel development) and bottom line (costing and efficiency). This includes research … Continue reading →

Enabling Tech

BFA Global applies modern technologies (e.g., machine learning) and methodologies (e.g., lean product design, agile software development, prototyping) to create meaningful solutions for both the public and private sectors, reducing costs and risks for service providers while strengthening the business … Continue reading →

Livelihoods & the Digital Economy

At BFA Global, our work harnesses digital innovations to improve opportunities and working conditions for those who do not achieve – or pursue – employment in the formal sector.  In the financial diaries, we explored the financial lives of low-income … Continue reading →

Financial Health

With major advances in financial inclusion over the previous decade, the industry is shifting its focus to ensuring that inclusion translates to financial well-being. BFA Global is one of the leading participants in the global discussion on how to practically … Continue reading →

Inclusive Fintech

1.7 billion people worldwide remain unbanked and over 3 billion are underserved. Technology and digitization, however, driven by greater cellular connectivity, rising smartphone penetration, and lower-cost technologies, are making it easier to provide these customers with a wide range of … Continue reading →

Inclusive Finance

Having suitable financial services readily available is absolutely key to individuals to sustain themselves and their households, and to their businesses to innovate and grow in entrepreneurial environments. Access to convenient, reliable, and affordable financial products and services that meet … Continue reading →

Policy & Regulation

Financial markets are increasingly complex and data-rich. Enabling an integrated ecosystem is critical for creating the types of financial solutions that will help low-income people improve their lives. We work with policymakers, regulators, and the private sector to create a … Continue reading →