We make it a point to reflect on the impact we’ve made, and capture it via the lens and our voices. We’ve been able to produce some customer-centric videos and podcasts to capture their story – see them here.


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R2A Chatbot Prototype Helps the Philippine Central Bank Sort and Resolve Complaints

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R2A Trials Data Warehouse For Mexico’s CNBV to Boost the Fight Against Money Laundering

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R2A API Solution Creates a Faster, Direct Data Delivery Channel between Philippine Banks and the Central Bank

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Meet the iWorkers – Joseph

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How does it help WorldCover to be part of the Catalyst Fund network?

#InsurTech companies such as World Cover are serving customers with little reported financial data, farmers and women & providing Accessible financial services. Here’s how we are helping them broaden their network and reach. https://catalyst-fund.org/cf20 #CF20 Related posts: No related posts.

How can AI help PAYGo providers better target customers?

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Superplatforms: Unlocking the Potential of Merchants, E-Commerce and Financial Services in Africa

FIBR is exploring the potential of superplatforms, the major tech platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others and their impact on African economies as they expand into frontier markets. What we don’t yet know or understand is what merchants are … Continue reading →

The OPTIX Impact

Financial institutions around the world are serving a new wave of customers, and serving the previously unserved and underserved communities with financial and banking services. However, as the world around has become increasingly digital and everything is just a smartphone … Continue reading →

Embracing Change Management to Better Serve Customers

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Improving Financial Health of People in Bangladesh

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How did Catalyst Fund help WorldCover better understand their customers to create more trust in their product?

Trust plays one of the most crucial roles for a new venture in an emerging market. Building trust with customers can help accelerate your journey towards product-market fit. Watch this video to know how we helped WorldCover with that! #CF20 … Continue reading →

The Truthalizer

The Truthalizer is an evaluation tool that will allow any adopter of an ML model to gauge whether a model is any good. It can support fledging data science teams by introducing them to standard metrics around model evaluation, tell … Continue reading →

What are some of the AI gallery applications for PAYGo providers?

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FinnSalud Pilot Phase Introductory Video

Traditional financial inclusion measurement focuses on quantifying access and use. By this measure, only 47% of Mexican adults have a formal deposit instrument, while 31% have formal credit ENIF 2018. The new FinnSalud project spoke with members of two financial … Continue reading →

The Gig is Up FIBR x Quartz Podcast Series

The Gig is Up is a three-part podcast series discussing the global gig economy covering everything from the disruption of Uber and Bolt to the challenges of Jumia in Africa and the ubiquity of Amazon. It was produced in collaboration … Continue reading →

Data for Decision-Making : The benefits of potential changes to cash management

Data and digitization can be powerful tools for evaluating the business case of a potential change to operations. CEP considered utilizing mobile money agents as drop-off points for loan officers (LOs) to be able to distribute cash. To consider the … Continue reading →

Meet the iWorkers – Rhoda & Erica

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Meet the iWorkers – Illa

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How can digital commerce promote youth employment in Africa?

Digital commerce, or e-commerce, is impacting employment opportunities in Africa by reshaping the nature of work through gig platforms, direct employment with large platforms, and by reducing barriers to entry and scale for small enterprises. The Digital Commerce and Youth … Continue reading →

The Future is Now: Strategies to Improve Financial Health

“Change is a very difficult thing to do. Change is hard” – Evelyn Stark, MetLife Foundation Financial institutions really trod a different path when they first extended microcredit and microfinance. But over time, their base of customers evolved. We moved … Continue reading →